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Are You Leading Your Team Or Is Your Team Leading You?

August 02, 2022 Christa Gurka, MSPT, NCPT- Health and Fitness Business Strategist Episode 143
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
Are You Leading Your Team Or Is Your Team Leading You?
Show Notes

I have a new episode of Female emPOWERED for you! Today, I am going to discuss with you one of my favorite topics – team building, team leadership, and the like. What I will specifically talk about today is how you can tell if you are leading your team or if your team is leading you.

Are you the boss of you? Or are they the boss of you?

Juggling Schedules To Accommodate Your Team

One of the tell-tale signs that your team is the boss of you is if you juggle your schedule to accommodate the requests of your employees – they need to walk their dog, they need to attend their classes at school, they need to take care of their children who are sick. It could also be when your employees show up late for meetings or are asking unexpected time-off. You are helping them set themselves up for success instead of them doing it on their own to set themselves up for success.

People should understand what their responsibilities are and what they are accountable for. That is what the set-up should be. This will stem from effective team leadership so listen to this episode if you want to learn more about how to create a great team you can trust with your business without you having to worry if they are doing their jobs or not.

Let’s discuss:
·      Signs that your team is the boss of you
·      Knowing their responsibilities and accountabilities
·      You should not be worried that someone is not going to show up
·      The traits of employees you can trust with your business
·      How challenging it is to have the right people on your team
·      Effective team leadership is a critical area in business
·      Team meetings – a scenario you need to look at
·      Accountability starts at the top
·      Allowing your team to hold you hostage
·      If you want to be treated like a professional, act like a professional
·      Setting clear expectations and providing prompt, real-time feedback
·      A book that has helped me – The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
·      Not holding people accountable – the consequences
·      A personal experience with an employee regarding setting the culture and expectations
·      Letting go of employees rather than letting them dictate how I run my business
·      There should be a dialogue with your employees
·      Complacency and lack of accountability could be correlated to how you lead your team
·      Who are transparent leaders
·      Setting really clear expectations – check out my “First 90 days for any new hire” video training
·      Leaders being held accountable, too

You have worked too hard for your team to be leading you. So if you are ready to lead your team and not the other way around, check out or Inner Circle program on my website under mentorship.

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