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How Many Hours Do I Work? - That's The Wrong Question To Be Asking

September 20, 2022 Christa Gurka, MSPT, NCPT- Health and Fitness Business Strategist Episode 150
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
How Many Hours Do I Work? - That's The Wrong Question To Be Asking
Show Notes

I am so glad that you’re joining me again today for a new episode of Female empowered! In this week’s podcast, I talked about the wrong question to ask: how many hours do I work?

I see this a lot on my socials, many people ask me this, and I personally think it’s a wrong question to ask because we are not comparing apples to apples. Not everyone has the same set of circumstances and capacities. 

What I Hate Seeing On My Socials 

One trend I hate seeing on my socials is when people feel they are experts about something even if they aren’t. Another is if they share they only work 4 hours a day and they are already a 6 or 7-figure business. 

My business is generating a lot of income now compared to when I started. However, I did not work only 4 hours a day during the first years of my business to get to where I am today. 

Let’s talk about:  

·      A question I feel is wrong to ask – how many hours do I work

·      The trends on my socials that I hate 

·      How I got to where I am today 

·      Working 80 hours a week but your revenue is not 6 or 7 figures? You are not doing anything wrong 

·      The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss 

·      It’s not literally working 4 hours a week, it’s about creating a system that doesn’t stress you out 

·      How do you get to the point where you have enough bandwidth to live the life you want 

·      Workaholic and ruler tendencies 

·      Comparisonitis vs Transparency, Collaboration, Authenticity 

·      It’s not fair to compare myself to other women in business 

·      Seeing it as proof of what’s possible 

·      A better question: What do you choose to spend your working hours on 

·      Spending 80 percent of your time on the tasks that only YOU can do 

·      Spending 20 percent of your time on tasks that moves the needle in your business

·      How much do you want to earn and how much do you want to work for that money? 

·      The work-life balance that I have 

·      You have permission and choices to reduce your working hours 

·      Offloading and delegating 

·      Give yourself permission to do things that help you thrive 

·      Creating a business with YOU in mind 

·      Surround yourself with people who support and inspire you 

·      Getting out of your own way 

·      Failure is an action it’s not an identity 

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