Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life

How I Generate 6 Figures In Profit Being In Studio Less Than 10 Hours Each Week

December 06, 2022 Christa Gurka, MSPT, NCPT- Health and Fitness Business Strategist Episode 161
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
How I Generate 6 Figures In Profit Being In Studio Less Than 10 Hours Each Week
Show Notes

Hey there! Today is a new episode of Female Empowered and it is a bit lengthy because I decided to do a story time podcast about how my business began and how it grew to what it is today. I will also be focusing on talking about how I generate six figures in profit even if I am only in the studio for less than 10 hours a week.

Why I Wanted To Do This Podcast Episode

It definitely was not a straight line to get to where I am today. I wanted to share my story because I figured some of you guys would resonate with it. Maybe you are currently in the space where you do not understand how you and your business will grow because you cannot take one more thing on your plate. I was in that space for a long time and I want you to know more about what I did over the last three to five years to create a business that does not run on me.
Let’s talk about:     

·      Why I wanted to do this podcast episode
·      Where Pilates In The Grove is right now
·      What the company looked like at its inception
·      What I didn’t know and what I did know
·      How I got out of my own way
·      What drains self-funded business owners
·      Growth happens when you are uncomfortable
·      I wanted to burn my business to the ground
·      How I turned around my business with the help of my team   
·      Accountability is a huge factor in any business
·      The 4 things that make employees exceptional at their job
·      I am not doing day-to-day operations anymore
·      It’s not that business got easier for me, I got better at handling the business
·      What I focus on now
·      I want to walk with women to help them grow their business
·      The key points that I know will help you
·      One thing I want to leave with you

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