Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life

Episode 170: How to move from clinician to the C-suite in less than a year

February 14, 2023 Christa Gurka, MSPT, NCPT- Health and Fitness Business Strategist
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
Episode 170: How to move from clinician to the C-suite in less than a year
Show Notes

Hi guys! Welcome back to another episode of the Female Empowered podcast. I will be talking about a topic that has come up a lot in our Beyond The Movement mentorship program.

Moving From Clinician To CEO

The topic that has come up so often in our mentorship program is moving from clinician to CEO. In this week’s podcast, I will be specifically talking about how you can do that in less than a year.

The changes, adjustments, and shift during this process take time. You have to give yourself the time because if you do not, the emotional, physical, and energetic bandwidth to make the change happen, you will most likely consider yourself a failure and drive everyone around you crazy.

For me, it took me two to three years to actually be the CEO who my company needed. So if you want to transform yourself from client care to leader, a.k.a CEO, let’s get to it!

Let’s discuss:

  • What is the Beyond the Movement mentorship program
  • The topic that has come up so often in the Beyond the Movement mentorship program
  • The idea surrounding “CEO”
  • Fundamental thinking of every aspect of the client care continuum
  • The importance of being an effective clinician
  • What is leadership
  • The importance of mission, vision, and values
  • Anticipating holes in the processes
  • Leaders require more collaboration, innovation, and listening rather than talking
  • Lead through “influence with” and not through “power over”
  • Be willing to take risks and improve your communication style
  • Truly listen to other people, absorb information, and have difficult conversations
  • Have high expectations but don’t run people into the ground
  • Being self-aware will help you be a good leader
  • Get the support and encouragement of a coach or a mentor
  • Good leaders create other leader
  • Be clear with your expectations
  • Recognize when you don’t have all the answers
  • Everyone is responsible for their own emotions
  • Tip: Be involved in groups of other people who lead teams
  • Have the skill set to speak to people in a professional and clear way
  • The Inner Circle program waitlist

If you are interested, go get on the waitlist for the next cohort of the Inner Circle program. If you want to learn how to level up into a leader and be in a room with women who are going through the same thing, get on the waitlist here:  https://www.christagurka.com/mentorship. It will be opening in March, April or May depending on the availability of slots.

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