Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life

Episode 171: What To Do When You Don't Love your Business Anymore

February 21, 2023 Christa Gurka, MSPT, NCPT- Health and Fitness Business Strategist
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
Episode 171: What To Do When You Don't Love your Business Anymore
Show Notes

Hi guys! Thanks for joining me again for another episode of the Female Empowered podcast. This week we will be talking about an interesting topic because every entrepreneur goes through the same thoughts at some point in their career or life. The topic is all about what to do when you don’t love your business anymore.

Why Listen To This Episode

Whether you are going through this now or not, I invite you to listen to the podcast because I will be talking about a few things that helped me when I was going through this stage in my business.

Employees have the option to quit their job when they fell out of love with the work that they do. They can move to a new city, they can find a new career, and the like. However, for business owners, it is not that simple since we have obligations to the business, to our clients, to our team, and more.

So when we find ourselves falling out of love with our business, we could feel very stuck or that we hit a wall. Tune in so that we go over that wall and check our options on what to do next!

Let’s talk about:

  • Introduction to the topic
  • It is normal to not love our businesses anymore
  • When you dig dip, you might find yourself thinking there’s nothing more you would love to do than continue operating your business
  • Tips to reinvigorate your passion and your love for your business or what you are doing
  • Tip Number 1: Asses what you want out of your business, career, or profession
  • Tip Number 2: What part of your business are you still doing but you shouldn’t anymore
  • Tip Number 3: Learn a new skill to bring about more inspiration and motivation
  • Tip Number 4: Talk about it
  • Feelings are like farts, better out than in

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